I’m Not A Band

I’m Not A Band from Berlin in Germany is the alt-electro duo of Stephan (violin / Synths / Vocals)and Mony (Vocals / Flute).

I'm Not A Band - alt-electro from Germany

I’m Not A Band

With their judicious use of violin compositions and a haunting flute to add whisps of flavours to to the dance beats I’m Not A Band is able to provide the audience with both physical and mental stimulation. Luscious textures of sound float around the room and the only thing to do is close the eyes and wallow in the music.

This is material to allow the brain to meander with, whilst the body gently sways like a willow in the breeze. The combinations of classical violin combining with electro-loops gives the listener much to enjoy and frequent references to Turkish Folk add a decadence to the music that enraptures the ears. For maximum value all that is needed are pulsating strobe lights to flicker across the eyelids and many hours to spare.

I’m Not A Band is able to deliver sounds which although infused with difference, are meltingly simple to engage with and ask nothing more of the ears than for them to be open.


Bandband – I’m Not A Band is available on iTunes*.

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