Surfacing in Växjö, Sweden – Dante Enocson (Vocals / Guitar), Victor Galeano (Drums), Jonas Loman (Bass) and Pontus Oskarsson (Guitar) combine to form the angst-rock band Ikiryo.

Ikiryo - angst-rock from Sweden


With a sense of inner-turmoil the music tumbles out of the speakers in refrains of lamenting woe. To the palette of emo, Ikiryo, adds progressive-rock insularity and an outward facing shoegaze tint giving the material extended stretchers of anguish.

The vocal hauntingly yawps as if espying the Gates of Hades while the combinations of guitar fluctuate between invitational pirouettes and staunch barriers of entry as the bass highlights the oppressive morose sentiments of the music and under-pinning the weight of the structure lays a solid percussion which, from time to time, launches everything into the air and ably gathers the scattered elements back in to shape.

You may mistakenly get the sense from this article it is a criticism that Ikiryo are neither this nor that – it is however for their very ability to pull in ideas which they convert to their own slot in the music scene that makes them of considerable interest and a band I will be keeping an ear out for with future material.

A few years into existence Ikiryo haven’t rushed out releases, with their début LP – Asleep/Awake (available on bandcamp) only arriving last month, I only hope it doesn’t take another three years for the follow-up.

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