Ignite The Borealis

Ignite The Borealis is an indie-rock group from Grand Rapids in The USA comprising Jake Vanravenswaay (Backing Vocals / Guitars), Matthew Loveless (Drums), David Mouatt (Vocals / Guitars) and Justin Gargus (Bass).

Ignite The Borealis - indie rock from The USA

Ignite The Borealis

Ignite The Borealis is able to switch between the mournful and the cheerful with easy strides, within the remit of what is ostensibly rock driven reference points. The architecture of the tracks remains fairly constant, it is the rhythm section and melodies which enables to the quartet to deliver their differential.

A well polished sound by Ignite The Borealis allows the audience to enjoy the structures of the tunes, knowing a foot won’t be put wrong. Whilst true, there is a radio friendly nature to the tracks, the band is able to scuff the edges a little allowing the ears to find sections with which to grapple and engage.

A recent change in bassist has given the band a slightly different sound than previously offered and it will be interesting to hear the results of this slight shift in dynamics on their LP Frid & Arid, which is pencilled in for release during this summer.


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