If You Like To Dance – Wasting Time – Video

If You Like To Dance is the electro-pop duo of Chris Gibson (Vocals / Guitars / Programming) and Andy Hoskinson (Bass / Guitars / Backing Vocals) based in Warrington, England.

If You Like To Dance - Vices - art-work

If You Like To Dance – Vices – art-work

Fast gaining critical mass, If You Like To Dance, have a new four track EP – Vices – which is due out imminently. The lead track Wasting Time, has appeared as a video and the track was featured at a home game at Old Trafford recently – knowing how Manchester United have a huge international fan-base –  I am sure many of you will know exactly where Old Trafford lays in the annals of football folk-lore.

Whilst theoretically this is music that should drive me to an apoplectic frenzy, particularly given their début single Skin & Bone was picked up by one of those plastic music National radio stations in the UK, but it doesn’t and I enjoyed my copy of Vices as there is a genuine connection between the musicians, music and audience. If You Like To Dance is as close as I get to the mainstream on the various sites but well worth spending time getting to know and if I didn’t rate the band, I wouldn’t ask you to spend the time.

I am unable to share my favourite track of the release – Gold & Silver, which to my ears is the track with most added value to the world of music, but I can’t – so here is Wasting Time, which is the opening track of the release, though nonetheless a strong piece of music and If You Like To Dance understand their core audience, far better than I.

I wish If You Like To Dance every success for what should be a stellar future in the music business, which they richly deserve.

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