Idolising Nova – This Ain’t A Dream – Single Review

Idolising Nova is an indie trio from England.

Idolising Nova

Idolising Nova

Their latest single is This Ain’t A Dream, a track which weaves through the speakers with merging synths and guitar, setting out the stall for the approaching four minute piece, prior to a bass drum-pad combination developing the loping measure, which is the focus of attention, with the synthesised vocal developing the theme of the number.

Idolising Nova are not seeking to start a revolution, however are able to deliver a well balanced composition that retains the listeners interest in a song that adds an individuality to a crowded market place, while not straying from the anticipated.

A little more user friendly than the music you will typically discover on the site, but from time to time it is good to veer, at least a little, towards the more mainstream and I wish the trio every success.

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This Ain’t A Dream is available on Amazon.*

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