HPKNS – Soda Man – Single Review

The Australian blues-hop duo HPKNS released their début single Soda Man on the 20th.



There is something intoxicating about the contemplation of crunching blues riffs delivered to an EDM synthesis and HPKNS are fine exponents as exposed in Soda Man (available on bandcamp).

While the soaking guitar has you reaching for a whisky to savour and slowly drain, the vaguely House feel also finds you reaching for a shot of vodka to tip down the throat in a hurry. However, far from leaving the mind in a perpetual state of confusion, HPKNS are easily able to handle the slighter faster paced blues chords and finds the listener happily banging the table to the rhythm with a glass in each hand while feet stomp in joy.

Today seems to be one of featuring bands with their earliest releases and what a joy today is turning out to be –  akin to Max Chillen And The Kerbside Collective and 410 I am already looking forward to featuring HPKNS again in short order.


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