The US indie-rock trio HOUSEWARMING PARTY will be releasing the EP Get Fast Food and Stay Inside on the 21st.

HOUSEWARMING PARTY - Get Fast Food And Stay Inside - artwork

HOUSEWARMING PARTY – Get Fast Food And Stay Inside – artwork

While the site is crammed with bands of political diatribe and melancholic contemplation, from time to time, it is apposite to just throw all that out of the window and hurtle around the room in exhilarated frustration with a band who sing about travails of first love and the self-indulgent satiation by means of takeaway food.

Join me with the middle of the five tracks on Get Fast Food And Stay InsidePacing – which invites the listener to throw all of the toys out with the bathwater and just enjoy having a temper tantrum for the catharsis of it – demanding nothing more than the audience launch themselves around the room in wild abandon.

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