Hot Showers – Boys (Neighborhood) – Single Review

Hot Showers is a retro-rock duo from the USA.

Hot Showers

Hot Showers

Although Michael Collier and Colin White from Charleston (USA) have been submerged in occasional jam sessions with each other for many a year they recently decided to formalise the idea and Boys (Neighborhood) is the resulting first single – which came out on the 4th and is available on bandcamp.

Minding, somehow, of Mersey-beat having been spatchcocked – Boys (Neighborhood) swims around the room in a psychedelic flow of flats which would have sat as a perfect soundtrack to a Pedro Almodóvar film.

Curling inside itself the guitar gives the track an echoing feel as percussion seeks to harry-along the track whilst the hazy vocal seems to appear from a different space entirely, allowing Hot Showers to deliver a composition that contains a sense of pressing olives barefoot. The petulant tarrying of the guitar allows the duo to create the depth of textures as the percussion and bass refuse to wait for anyone and the vocal plays the part of a UN delegation seeking to achieve a mediation.

Hot Showers is most certainly an out-fit I look forward to hearing more of in due course. Whether they will remain a duo is open to conjecture as both Michael and Colin already acknowledge to get the show on the road they will need additional players on the stage.

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