Hot Date

Hot Date is the mellow-wave duo of Nora O’Brien (Vocals) and Eric Carranza (Instrumentation / Effects) from Saint Paul in the USA.

Hot Date

Hot Date

On hitting play to their catalogue dating back to 2014 the listener finds themselves reclining on to a warm sunlit sandy-beach as the compositions drift through the ears, as though at a post after-party on a lazy Sunday afternoon sharing brunch with fellow late stayers.

Hot Date have the knack of turning their songs in to immediate good time memories as they thread through the ears with the evocative vocal caressing the earlobes with the subtle combinations of instrument and electronica buoying the fragile tracks in heart melting luscious texturing.

Their most recent release, which has surfaced this month – the five track EP Spaces (available on bandcamp) – is long overdue as it is over a eighteen months since their last proper release which was the three track single in July 2016 Three Sides To The Story, also on bandcamp, with an intervening Christmas novelty track in the same year, rediscovering their ability to create music in which the audience finds themselves drawn in to the rich texturing of the songwriting and delivery.

I merely trust it won’t be that nothing is heard again by Hot Date until late 2019.

The penultimate song on the latest EP is The Line.

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