Horse Party – Gratitude Falling – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Horse Party released a new single on the 1st.

Horse Party - Gratitude Falling

Horse Party

Gratitude Falling is a blues number in which the guitar features with scruffed strumming that captivates the ears in a track that is of a different flavour to much of what has preceded. The open spaces of the delivery allows the music to create a sense of the dramatic that is enhanced by the superbly delivered vocal that has an underlying gravel and measured half-spoken pace which is an ideal match for the song.

Horse Party have written a track in Gratitude Falling (which is available on bandcamp), that whilst a little different to their regular fare, is a fine piece of musicianship that displays their strong abilities in both song-writing and delivery and bodes well for the year ahead. I certainly look forward to hearing more in this vein.

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