HORISONT – To Be Tepid – Audio

The Swedish electro-wave duo HORISONT release the single To Be Tepid today.



Reflective of the world that has become one of silos, though living only on opposite sides of Möllevången in Malmö the two never create the music together, rather exchange ideas over the internet and formulate the compositions from a distance, passing back and forth edits between each other.

From this interaction they are able to generate music that has strangely organic feel to it and the listener rather than ending up thinking – why don’t they just get in a room together – finds themselves pondering – why don’t more musicians follow this structure.

Within To Be Tepid Today there are some quirky sections, that both decided not to delete, which perhaps in a room together would have been and it is these strange kernels that gives the material its intuitive flow.

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