Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club is the garage rock quartet of CallumHarryJames and Ryan from Liverpool in England.

Hooton Tennis Club - garage rock from England

Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club – there is something quintessentially English about a band who names themself after a fee based lawn tennis club who play on plastic grass, based in Cheshire. If none of that resonates – think of your most pretentious region of the desperate middle class sub-achievers.

Hooton Tennis Club as a band – now that is all together a different story as they scour away the net curtains and plastic windows to deliver an excoriated journey to extrapolate an invectivitude of implied evisceration all laid in a park of skittles and croquet hoops.

The subtlety of the compositions make for their impressiveness as the quartet provide a social commentary on the world they see around as the easy flowing music floats around the room in laconic drifts of open spaces, whilst on opening the ears the sneer is writ large across the scores.

I am minded of The Nerve who had much to say, but put it so abstrusely that few captured the essence – with their songs now capitulated into The Troggs. However I do recommend you spend time with Hooton Tennis Club to ingest the conundrums and on allowing yourself the space, you will find a band of consciousness who don’t find the need to shout and for that I give them credit and trust you will too.

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