HoodlümS is Nikko Düran (Guitar / Vocals), Antho Jönes (Lead Vocals), Sam Marshall (Bass), JF Scotto (Guitar / Vocals) and Sly Valade (Drums) a metal rock band, but you knew that by the umlaut,  from Montpellier in France.

HoodlümS - heavy metal from France


This is the second French band in succession who have a scarcity of material, nonetheless I found the particularly Gallic style of Heavy Metal put out by HoodlümS to be an enjoyable conundrum. Songs of violence and alcohol are played at a pace that makes a Waltz seem like a veritable frenzy, yet somehow it works as the quintet make up for lack of progression with blazing fuzzed guitars which fill the ears with a chainsaw buzz.

Although they are not setting the world on-fire, for those like me who are used to a more frenetic pace and focus, this is a great addition to the genre and well worth spending the time to adjust to, as inside the tracks created by HoodlümS are some well worked compositions that deliver far more than the basic construct should be able to proffer.

Will HoodlümS sit on my everyday playlist? No, but then no band in this genre does, so that is more a reflection of me than the value of the out-put. Currently working on their 2014 touring schedule they have a few slots filled in and can expect to appear at a festival or two. It will be interesting to find out where things stand in a years time for the quintet.


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