Honeymilk – Time Will Kill You – Audio

The Swedish indie-gaze duo Honeymilk are set to release an EP in the second half of the year.

Honeymilk - Time Will Kill You


First introduced back in 2014 as a quartet, it is due to hiatus in line-up, internal soul-searching; rather than my fault that it has taken a couple of years to get back to them. There has been a fallow period whilst the two remaining members Markus and Nikki decided quite what to do with the project – with some fortune they have decided to continue with the roots remaining intact, though grafted on to the stock in a slightly different sound.

The new Honeymilk give themselves even more expansive elongation of bars, as evidenced, in the first track to surface from the forthcoming release, Time Will Kill You. Leaving the audience, in the resulting out-put, the sense they are rising away from the gravitational pull of the atmosphere of the earth.

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