Honey Bucket – Devo Hat – Audio

The US lo-fi rock trio Honey Bucket release the LP Magical World on the 23rd of September.

Honey Bucket - Devo Hat

Honey Bucket

The first track to surface from the album (available through See My Friends Records) is the very brief Devo Hat lasting for a whisker over one and a half minutes, which contains far more than many existential length pieces that extend for four times as long.

Burnishing vocal sweeps the room to the accompaniment of burring guitar and buffering drums whilst hidden deeply in the production it is just possible to catch whispers of an analogue synth.

If you are in the USA or Canada there is a decent chance of catching Honey Bucket later on in the year with their twenty date tour starting in August, with more dates anticipated to be added.

21 Eugene
22 San Francisco
23 Los Angeles
25 El Paso
26 Austin
27 San Antonio
28 New Orleans
31 Baltimore

1 Philadelphia
2 New York
5 Montreal
6 Ottowa
7 Toronto
8 Detroit
9 Chicago
11 Kansas City
12 Tulsa
13 Denver
16 Los Angeles
18 Bay

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