Homeless Billionaires – Makkaroni Western – Video

The England based alt-rock duo Homeless Billionares are set to release their début five track EP Evil Partners on the 26th.

Homeless Billionares - Evil Partners - artwork

Homeless Billionares – Evil Partners – artwork

Bands can work regardless of numbers of players and the duo of Homeless Billionaires with their intense curmudgeon rock has more fire than many bands who play around in the arena with similar intent.

Makkaroni Western has been sitting in my inbox since the end of last month so my apologies, again, to one and all for the tardiness of getting round to the email. Having had the opportunity to run through much of the rest of Evil Partners this a track which, whilst less aggressive in approach than those I have heard, lacks none of the evisceration. For the very fact of its more melodious construct is perhaps a more demonstrative exploration of the landscape in which the duo find fulmination, think a compressed Talking Heads – Psycho Killer and you are on the right lines.


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