Holy Wave

Holy Wave from El Paso in the USA is the shoegaze quintet of Kyle HagerDustin ZozayaJulian RuizJoey Cook and Ryan Fuson.

Holy Wave - shoegaze from the USA

Holy Wave

Holy Wave deploy reverb with abandon to deliver sounds which are richly layered in textures of gossamer. Were the reverb to be further extended we would still be hearing the echoes in the middle of next week, however their ability to manage the transformative nature of the sounds which emerge to deliver coherence is a testament to their ability as musicians.

The psychotropic sounds snare inside the parietal lobe, distorting the senses, leaving the listener fixated by the floating sonics which seem to have physical characteristics. The music glides effortlessly around the room as refrains bounce into each other much like ripples in still water colliding and shearing off in alternating angles.

Currently on an extensive European tour to support the release of their latest LP, Relax, which came out on the 28th January, my advice for those who don’t often get the opportunity to catch them live, grab the opportunity, just plan to take the following couple of days off to allow the brain to resolve itself.


Relax – Holy Wave is available on iTunes*.

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