Hollow Engine – Crosshatched – Single Review

Hollow Engine is a maths-core quartet from the USA.

Hollow Engine

Hollow Engine

Their music, particularly in the latest track, Crosshatched resonates through the room in angular sparks of approximational theory in which each collide one in to the other generating a discordance which will either grab and retain the attention or have the listener running away with ears pleading for mercy – the fact that I am asking you to spend time in their company is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy that I do recommend spending the time to allow the brain to attempt to self-destruct.

A four and a tad over three quarters of a minutes composition which builds layers of interference into a discombobulating rotunda as the piano led chords build layer upon layer of progressions that find the synapses firing ill sequenced neurons in trajectories of their own making and long after the tune has faded in to silence the audience is left with no discernible reference point to the world around.

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