Hobosexual a rock band from Seattle in the USA is the duo of Ben Harwood (Guitars / Vocals) and Jeff Silva (Drums).

Hobosexual - timeless rock from the USA


Grimy bluesy rock ‘n’ roll rumbles around the room in scruffy denim as the sounds of Hobosexual pour out of the speakers. Rock of All Ages is perhaps a quote to use out of context when getting to the essence of the band who have a timeless quality. Despite my only having had the opportunity to hear recorded material it is evident these are musicians having fun with what they do and the fanatical response they gain when playing live is not a surprise at all.

Whilst being enjoyed by the creators, this is not frivolous material as the duo deliver well considered and paced tracks which infect listeners with a nodding head. Musical experience extending well beyond the coming up to four years of existence as Hobosexual is evident in the confidence and easy delivery that the duo have in playing around with a tried and tested formula, retaining its core essence, whilst dripping in flecks of gold.

As you well know, this is a genre to which I tend to be ambivalent, in this instance Hobosexual produce music that fills me with enthusiasm. When done well, the gritty realism of rock, is difficult to surpass.


Hobosexual II is available on iTunes*.

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