Hobart W Fink

Jayk Gallagher (Vocals / Guitar), Marie Bollinger (Vocals), Brendan Kelley (Bass), Luke Harvis (Lead Guitar) and Byron Pagdilao (Drums) make up the Los Angeles, USA based indie rock band Hobart W Fink.

Hobart W Fink - indie rock from the USA

Hobart W Fink

I wondered whether the switching between vocalist by Hobart W Fink mid-track would grate and become nothing more than a confusion after a while, but they use the changeover particularly well and the music gains perspective through it and the more you hear the better it becomes. Fairly lengthy tracks (well over four minutes typically) gain resonance and intrigue as the voices tell different parts of the story.

The accompanying instrumental, I just enjoy for its carefree attitude which complements the two voices with their more studied off key vicissitude and the whole sound in combination fully wraps the listener in  tight grasp and joining in with the chorus.

There is undoubtedly a capable songwriter involved in the band as the stylised compositions have a tonality which keeps the audience in full focus and whilst easy for the ear to engage with, the tracks are far from easy to play as tempos switch up and down, along with keys, whilst retaining an animate flow.

I look forward to hearing more of Hobart W Fink who as an entity is just over a year old, as they have much to add to the world of music and with experience and confidence have the potential to be of even greater significance.

The name of the band is just a joy as don’t you like me, just need to do a wikipedia search to find out about this man- who must have been an eminent surgeon? In time I am hopeful we will find this entry is filled in with the details of these guys from Los Angeles, not, as I write – a void.


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