HighWay a heavy metal out-fit from Sète in France is Benjamin Folch (Vocals), Ben Chambert (Guitars), Romain Chambert (Drums) and Sam Marshal (Bass).

HighWay - Heavy Metal from France


HighWay is a heavy rock band who auspiciously utilise breaks and tweaks that wander and loose my concentration, though far from heading off to read a book and hope it ends soon, I find in the nether region of my brain is a turning screw that changes my focus to a construct that engages, just it took me a very long paragraph to turn around, but when it happens these guys, though not seeking to reinvent the world of music offer more than ample lashings of slithering sounds to focus even the most wandering mind.

The guitars squeal into life as the percussion hammers the pacing and the vocal soars around the room like a bird of prey and the audience is quickly immersed in a delightfully energetic rendition of good old fashioned rip roaring rock. There is most certainly a need to hunt for the old leather jacket to feel suitably attired.

HighWay are plainly and simply rock musicians having a great time making the most of their role in the band and the whole effect is one that wraps up the audience in their infectious enthusiasm.



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