Hidden Charms – I Just Wanna Be Left Alone – Audio

The English garage-blues band Hidden Charms release the EP Harder From Here on the 21st.

Hidden Charms - Harder From Here - artwork

Hidden Charms – Harder From Here – artwork

Within the past couple of hours the opening track of the four – I Just Wanna Be Left Alone surfaced from the undergrowth.

Pour out a whisky, take yourself down to a mossy cellar and let the fuzzy-scuzz drip into the tumbler and you are all set to go with a track that nullifies the rumbles of a passing diesel freight train in a tunnel.

Hidden Charms, make no attempt to shatter the speakers, it is just a natural tendency of theirs and for those of us who suffer tinnitus – they are able deliver music that vibrates the upper-jaw bone, meaning it all drops into perfect shape.

Harder from Here – EP – Hidden Charms is available on iTunes.*

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