Hey Vanity

Hey Vanity from Chelmsford in England is the rock quartet of Marc HallsWill PhillipsonAsh Clarke and Dave Ruffle.

Hey Vanity - rock from England

Hey Vanity

There is a confident mellowed rock that drifts across the room as Hey Vanity combine ’90s Brit-Pop with ’70s rock, whilst adding their own soft brushes to give the resulting output a calming serenity that is underscored by a vibrant rumble.

Hey Vanity exude a self-belief that allows the audience to entrust them with well handled techniques that the quartet to do not over-play and the resulting music finds the ears drawn to melodious guitar refrains, whilst a tightly harnessed percussion / bass combination gives the compositions a liveliness that captivates and completing the landscape is voice that is steeped in emotional turmoil.

Avoiding the potential awkwardness of a band that is neither rumbustious nor contemplative Hey Vanity is able to hold the attention of the listener through the quality of the musicianship, resulting in a style which is best taken out of the music box in moments of late evening sojourns and at these times they will add considerably to the atmosphere.

Hey Vanity have the opportunity to add much value to the world of music and are a testament to dexterity and thoughtfulness. It will be interesting to see how things develop for them in 2015 and if they can carve out space and attention for themselves to audiences more used to chatting than listening.

I wish them well though it won’t be easy but, to my ears, Hey Vanity are well worth the time for listeners who are able to zip-shut the mouth and open the lug-holes.


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