Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is Henke Wermelin (Vocals), Carl Ederfors (Drums), Håkan Jansson (Bass), Sarah Görsch (Piano), Josef Wikström (Guitar), Mattias Gyllström (Trombone) and Jonas Hultberg (Saxophone) an alt rock band from Göteborg in Sweden.

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet - Photo by Emelie Wermelin - alt rock from Sweden

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet – Photo by Emelie Wermelin

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is something of a change from many of the bands that wing their way to me from Sweden. The material oozes of Americana country rock to which the band adds a Scandinavian twist, but in the main musically essentially fairly upbeat and uptempo, to which the lyrics superbly wrestle with societal inequalities.

The core quintet function on multifarious levels choosing to add the players of trombone and sax as the occasion arises to add even more dimensions to individual tracks.

It is the ability of Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet to take a what is essentially fairly one dimensional and add a spectrum of textures that attracts the ears. The cohesion of the wide open American Plains and the landscapes of Sweden somehow makes sense and it almost as-though that is what the band is aurally painting for the listener.

This isn’t music to play just before heading out on a hen / stag -night, but it is something to add to the track list towards the close down of an evening with friends. Resonant of a great evening of intelligent and wide-ranging conversations.


The New Black Is Blue – Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is available on iTunes*

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