Helicopter In The Sky – For Today – Single Review

Helicopter In The Sky is a new alt-rock solo project from England.

Helicopter in the Sky

Helicopter in the Sky

The first two tracks surfaced towards the end of last month. For Today (available on bandcamp) has a progressive psychedelic tinge to it in which the listener gets the sense they are drifting in to Minkowski space as the just over five minutes composition unfurls in to the room.

A pacey tempo keeps For Today ever straying far from its tether and it is through the cleverly counter-intuitive gauzed and fuzzy soundscape that the spaciousness of the song is reflected.

One can’t help but to draw reference to the similarity of technique used by Hawkwind in the likes of Silver Machine, though far from feeling like a parody; Helicopter In The Sky is able to deliver, through a sole player, a fine piece of originality.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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