Hedge Fund – What You’re Hiding – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock band Hedge Fund released the single What You’re Hiding on the 10th.

Hedge Fund - photo by Danielle Hansen

Hedge Fund – photo by Danielle Hansen

Every-time I return to Hedge Fund they have a different sound on offer, each delivered with style and panache and What You’re Hiding continues that trend.

An opportunity for those who haven’t yet seen Hedge Fund live is being proffered with seven gigs scheduled in various spots in Australia between the 24th of June and the 30th of July. Given their burgeoning number of fans it would come as no surprise to find this mini-tour, in support of the release of the single, comes up with a few more dates; Though what mix of sounds they will offer is of conjecture.

What You’re Hiding plays a more prominent synth than much of what has preceded and the track drifts gradually around the ears, slowly gathering compression as the just under three and three quarter trippy flow of stoned-stoner eases its way around the room.

What You’re Hiding – Single – Hedge Fund is available on iTunes.*

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