Hedge Fund – Summer’s Getting Shorter – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock quartet Hedge Fund surfaced with a new single a few hours ago.

Hedge Fund - Summers Getting Shorter

Hedge Fund

In a more progressive psychedelic mood than previous material featured Summer’s Getting Shorter opens with a cloudy sky which gradually clears to reveal a hazy sun as the the track develops. This is an interesting development by Hedge Fund as the composition unveils a more considered and complex construct than they have allowed themselves to previously shine a light upon.

The instrumentation and electronics are given extended work out delivering a track with melodies which, like a chameleon, recalibrate themselves giving Summer’s Getting Shorter an organic presence as patterns and shapes shift imperceptibly around the room whilst the vocal too, is allowed to extend range as it, curls around the music.

Given this new development it will be interesting to find where Hedge Fund head next. I am already looking forward to the next track being revealed.

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