Heavy Lids – Neon Graffiti – Single Review

The English dreamwave quintet Heavy Lids released their début single Neon Graffiti on the 8th.

Heavy Lids

Heavy Lids

Heavy Lids have flown under the radar since their appearance towards the end of last year and with fortune this single will mark a step change in visibility. It is very easy to overlook Sheffield, their hometown in England, for its musical heritage and spread of international influence. To do so is somewhat shortsighted as is, in my view, the potential for these five.

Neon Graffiti is a track which immediately seeps deep in to the listener as the combinations of slowcore synth, gazey guitar and ethereal vocal rotate around subtle, yet demanding bass and percussion. I posit Heavy Lids are a band to get to see now in the early stages of development prior to needing to take out a loan to afford to see them perform live in a few years time on much larger stages.

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Neon Graffiti – Single – Heavy Lids is available on iTunes.*

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