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The Swedish indietronic duo Heart/Dancer released the LP My Heart Is A Dancer on the 27th.

Heart/Dancer - Remedy


The last of the nine tracks on the album – Remedy – finds Heart/Dancer playing with the textures of the output in their most confident as the approaching four minute creation opens with their most defined and stark architecture as a morose percussion leads the procession around which the duo create luxuriant envelopes of silken web in which the listener becomes ever more entrapped, finding themselves wrapped ever more tightly against the scaffolding from which to gaze at the unfolding artistry above.

Remedy is their most atypical track with its mesmerising tempered pace and the only one bereft of vocal, other than a hushed breath at 1:45, repeated at 1:53 and finally reverse echoed betwixt 2:01 and 2:02, so unsurprisingly the track that I find most intriguing for its very singularity as Heart/Dancer permit themselves the opportunity to layer a tempo which collides itself into a virtual standstill one hundred and forty five seconds into the track, reminiscent of the buffered rubber between the carriages of a train, before springing back into continuum.

My Heart Is a Dancer – Heart/Dancer is available on iTunes.*

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