Heart Attack Kids

From London, Ontario, in Canada surface the duo of Jared Ellul (Vocals / Guitar) and Nathan Stock (Drums / Keys) who form the garage rock band Heart Attack Kids.

Heart Attack Kids - garage-rock from Canada

Heart Attack Kids

Looking for something to unwind with as you put up your feet? Heart Attack Kids are not where you should be reaching. This is a duo who will have you bouncing around the room as flurry of drums hurtles past your ears, accompanied by an equally energetic guitar and the vocal doesn’t ease the pace. This is music to play loudly and enjoy the moment with the same sense of easy abandonment as the music.

The exuberant double-kick bass drum pummels its way into the body in an unceasing flow as Heart Attack Kids combine pace with control allowing the audience to revel in the moment. Establishing an ever wider circle of live performance, the only sadness, for those of us who are not local, is that recorded material is more scarce, however the three releases which surfaced last year, do provide ten studio tracks and eleven live performance numbers, all of which are available on bandcamp.

Turn up the volume, create some space – hit play….

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