Healthy Junkies

Based in London, England, Healthy Junkies is the new wave band centred around Phil Honey Jones (Guitar), Nina Courson (Vocals) with Dave Renegade / Nim Sadot (Bass) and Steve Granger / Tony Alder (Drums).

Healthy Junkies - photo by Neil Anderson

Healthy Junkies – photo by Neil Anderson

Other than turn up the volume there is little need to do anything other than enjoy the sounds created by Healthy Junkies. Scowling guitar sears out of the speakers, the percussion impatiently ploughs through the ears while the bass punches away any bleariness in the audience as an emotionally charged vocal gives the material unexpected melody that captures the attention of the listener.

Established a few years ago, Healthy Junkies have worked their way through various players on bass and drum, yet rather than becoming jaded by the process, seem to be ever fresh out of the packet. With a strong live performance following they have also made available about thirty tracks on recording, over the years, for those not able to get to see them live.

I could write more, but Healthy Junkies are a band to hear rather than spending time reading about them.


Box of Chaos – Healthy Junkies is available on iTunes.*

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