Emerging from Oxford in England Will Harrison (Vocals / Guitar), Ollie Ratcliffe (Bass), Conor Kearney (Guitar) and Dan Hearn (Drums) form the alt-rock outfit Haze.

Haze alt-rock from England


This is only the third time in reviews since the last decade that a band with exactly the same name as another has been featured and those who have been around a while will recall the feature of Haze from London in England, this is not the same outfit. It does transpire Haze (this one) are contemplating a name change – but for now – this is they with their current name and if things change, I will keep you abreast.

Haze appear to have gone extremely underground between the release of their first single back in 2014 and a couple of releases this year – the good news is they are now back and one can only hope this is a state of recurrence not of lapsing apnoea.

With a single Rewind – an EP – Complacent Inebriation and more recently an LP  – Digital Fulfilment behind them – the quartet are unafraid to grab the listener by the wrist and hurl them in disparate directions akin to a ball on a bagatelle table.

There is an underlying early ’80s new-wave tinctured reference along with a reinterpretation of The Stranglers – threading with the rolling bass / percussion combinations and dismissive vocal. The two guitars and occasional appearance of synthetics allows Haze to update the themes, even throwing the occasional humorous number.

This is an outfit – whatever they may or may not call themselves next – I recommend getting to know now and allow them throw you around the room.

From their début EP – the third of the four tracks –  Exactly As It Seems.

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