Haydn Rothrock – Kodak Orange – Single Review

The US retrowave creator Haydn Rothrock revealed Kodak Orange on the 3rd.

Haydn Rothrock

Haydn Rothrock

Popping clarified butter in to a warming pan containing fried Samphire and one discovers the essence of Kodak Orange with its salted nutty undertones laid inside a creamy emulsion in which one delightedly dips a fork.

Frothy fretwork played through ever developing pedal reverb, delay and effects wraps itself inside the underlying percussive impetus whilst the melting vocal, which appears through a hazy filter, mixes in to the harmonics of a song in which the listener finds themselves enraptured.

Hats off to Haydn Rothrock who is able to deliver a track which, despite its busy undertow, leaves a millpond in its wake and is a testament to a musician who is able to calm a potentially catastrophic set of ingredients to a resulting plate of moreish taste.

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