Haunter – Play With Bones – Audio

The US slacker outfit Haunter released the LP Worm on the 14th.



If you enjoy music that is both in key and in time before you can give it space, it perhaps best to head away now and may be never come back to a site which regularly features musicians who are unable to tune their instruments yet come out of the mire with a singularity that stands high and above some multi thousand £ production – for its very graininess.

Haunter – in the roughly fifty five minutes seventeen track release which starts off with a few elongated stumbles with the listener willing them along before finding their own loping style of short tracks that nestle comfortably with the ramshackle nature of life, where everything is not as a pristine as advertising suggest is the solution to discover a ‘perfect life’.

My pick of Worm (available on bandcamp)  is the eleventh – Play With Bones.

My thoughts on the album? Give it time and it will grow on you and you will revisit those initial tracks with different frame of mind – give it only a moment – you will be querulous and probably never return to their music.

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