Haunted Disco

Haunted Disco from Little Rock in the USA is the electronic experimental music vehicle for Matthew McMurry.

Haunted Disco - experimental electronica from the USA

Haunted Disco – experimental electronica from the USA

The aural tapestry that emerges into the room by Haunted Disco is flecked with a mix of influences and although the constructs flail towards the outer edges of the envelope, there remains a recognizable direction of travel and ready accessibility. McMurry generates an ethereal feeling, which allows the listener to alight on the carpet of sounds and drift with compositions.

The pieces float around the room as though layers of smoke and the tracks are allowed to slowly build to their pitch, prior to extending their reach and it is the almost ambient nature of the resulting out-put which give the material its easy digestibility.

Haunted Disco is a sound to take out on an extended session and let the mind travel on the journey, rather than slicing into small chunks.

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Enter Through the Exit – Haunted Disco is available on iTunes*.

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