Harry Howard and The NDE – The Only One – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-synth quartet Harry Howard and The NDE release the LP Sleepless Girls on the 10th of October.

Harry Howard and The NDE

Harry Howard and The NDE

The eleven track album is replete with material that needs to be played on constant loop as the scrawling guitar claws like chalk on a  blackboard while superbly textured keys spread between sharp pianoforte and muslin-cloth synthetics while the switching voices beguile as the precise percussion keeps everything on track which allows the bass to string from taught to slack giving the out-put a scintillating flavour that lingers in the mouth like a well ripened olive.

At this stage I am only able to share the opening track with you – The Only One – which does give a fair indicator of what is to follow in the approaching three quarter hour of Sleepless Girls.

A label wandered into my vision recently Spooky Records – and I get the sense they are I are on something of the same wavelength – so do expect to hear more of the bands they represent over the coming years – though don’t think they had an easy ride to get to this point as you will well know I live in a constant frothing frustration at the world – yet Harry Howard and The NDE were able inject warm saline into my bloodstream.

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