Harry Gump

Harry Gump from Rottenburg an der Laaber (you just knew that had to be in Germany) is Harry plus players as and when needed for live and recorded performance – an alt-folk songwriter.

Harry Gump - alt-folk from Germany

Harry Gump

There is so much to enjoy here with Harry Gump – I am not sure where to start….

The frayed jeans – growling vocals sprawl across the room. The smart shoes – a clear and well structured out-put. The T-Shirt – an edge of friction. The well tailored jacket – the intellect. In summation, unhappy perspectives of the world around, set to a smart compositions.

Perchance, I was drawn to look out of the window to spot a flock of Seagulls (not the band) arguing with a murder of crows over a feeding spot, whilst both considerate of Red Kites who have recently be reintroduced into the area and I found myself listening to a sound-track that fitted the moment.

Whilst Harry has an excellent grasp of English, I do believe the vocals would be enhanced by being written in native German, where the juices could flow more naturally, though I do understand why the delivery is in English. I do hope that Harry Gump decide to revert to the home language and at that point, we may well find iconic ’60s pioneers of agit-folk would have a run for their money.


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