Harper Rush – Belafonté (The Ocean Is Ours) – Audio

The US conceptual-lo-fi creator Harper Rush released the LP MARINER 2 on the 4th.

Harper Rush

Harper Rush

Cosmo-synths weave their way through the material giving it both a faint distortion and spinnerets of silk that envelope the listener in the surfacing sounds.

The roughly twenty seven minute eight track album (available on bandcamp) was envisaged as a sound-track to a film, as yet unmade as Harper is more adept at aural conceptualisation that visual art, of someone sailing and contemplating being able to take their craft in to outer-space and for anyone who has sailed the oceans and gazed at the sky at night, not such a strange notion as both the dark sea and dark sky are rippled with points of light and joined as one on the horizon.

MARINER 2 is best taken in its completeness when it all makes more sense that you may initially anticipate – the third track – Belafonté (The Ocean Is Ours) is a reasonable place to start to get to know the LP.


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