Hank Mittnacht – What It Is – Audio

From the US surfaces the delta-blues musician Hank Mittnacht.

Hank Mittnacht

Hank Mittnacht

Over here in the UK there have been a series of floods, due to what in much of the world would be called light rainfall, but the UK are able to make mountains out of molehills. We even have rail services that struggle because the sun is too bright and in autumn – trains often unable to run because there are fallen leaves on the line – where was I heading – oh yes I remember – the flooding and questions of dredging of rivers…. bear with me – this preamble does serve a purpose.

What It Is minds of the sticky piles of silt dredged from a muddy river as Hank Mittnacht finds a lower grinding gear to the steel than one could have thought possible as the strings are loosened. Giving a magnificent buzz that lingers in the ears to the accompanier of vocal pitched to the other extreme, leaving the listener happily making Mississippi Mud Pies, as the music burbles around the room.


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