Hail! Cassius Neptune – Oscillate – Video

The US funky-soul sextet Hail! Cassius Neptune are set to release the four track EP LEMB in January of 2017.

Hail! Cassius Neptune

Hail! Cassius Neptune

The first piece to surface from the release is a live studio version of Oscillate which anticipates, in the title, the movements of the limbs by the listeners in a roughly four and a half minutes song that finds the audience disentangling their own tendons to dip with the dive and hip with the highs in a track contextualised by sultry vocal and swinging rhythms.

This is music for embracing with another, or even for embracing alone, as Hail! Cassius Neptune time-shift the retro to modernity wrapped in beguiling lyric accompanied by a strident synth which minds of Greenfield from The Stranglers.


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  1. Hot dog! Love it!

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