Grounders from Toronto in Canada is the alt-rock quartet of Andrew Davis, Daniel Busheikin, Mike Searle and Evan Lewis.

Grounders - Eponymous LP - artwork

Grounders – Eponymous LP – artwork

Reverb and echo rebound around the room as Grounders deliver their dreamy soundscape. The somewhat hypnotic nature of the music reflects of psychedelic influences, as the quartet expand space and time, leaving the listener in a trance long after the last notes have faded.

Grounders are able to combine a sense of direction, with whimsical swirls in their well constructed and delivered tracks and the audience is gently cradled in the billowing plumes of the compositions. This is music to allow yourself plenty of time to relax with, as although typically pieces hover around the three and a half minute mark, with the occasional foray over three hundred seconds, they slow down the synapses and it takes a while to surface, by when another couple of tracks have slipped past.

Having established firm footings, with both live tours and an EP, released on the 12th was an eponymous LP, which will afford Grounders a broader audience.


Grounders – Grounders is available on iTunes.*

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