Grimner – Eldhjärta – Video

The Swedish folk-metal sextet Grimner release the LP Frost Mot Eld on the 26th of March.

Grimner - Frost Mot Eld - artwork

Grimner – Frost Mot Eld – artwork

Eldhjärta, the second of the ten tracks defines the sound of Grimner as the guitars swathe the room in striking blows, for the wind instruments to lead the march of a rumbling percussion as a growling vocal urges along the charge and the listener is left with the feeling that they are witnessing an army taking all before it and the subtle synths give the sense of calmness being restored.

Grimner have the ability to take the audience through a range of emotions as the tale of Eldhjärta unfolds as though a full play rather than a five minute chapter on the album.

Frost Mot Eld is being made available in a variety of hard copy formats, which can be ordered through Despotz Records.


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