Ryan Torres (Synth / Drums / Guitar) and Rex Hudson (Guitar / Vocals / Synth) from Denton in the USA combine to form the alt electronic outfit Greenhouse.

Greenhouse - alt electronic from the USA


‘art house cinematography’ sound emerges through the speakers as Greenhouse explore with various phrases and overlay them with music that takes the listener on an aural extravaganza. The duo are able to take snatches of sounds and extrapolate a storyboard template in to which they insert synthetic and instrumental sounds to deliver an output that is steeped in visual imagery in to which the audience becomes totally focussed.

There is a subdued mute, almost an electronic version of garage rock, which forms the background of the work and the duo, by combining instruments and technology are able to produce tracks which are as unctuous as that spoon of the chocolate mixture, whilst containing a hint of the darker side of life. This mixture raises Greenhouse well above the crowd and although they have an established and loyal following, it is far smaller than the quality of the out-put deserves.

Whether you like your cocoa prepared as a warm chocolate with marshmallows and Jersey Cream or as a bitter black coffee, you will find something to attract the taste-buds.


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