Great Ytene

Great Ytene based in London – England is the psychedelic rock quartet of Leon, Lewis, Jorge and Tom.

Great Ytene - Psychedelia from England

Great Ytene

The heavily echoed music reverberates from wall to wall on playing Great Ytene, whose name partly derives from the younger years of the players from their time in Hampshire and life in the New Forest.

Reminiscent of the ancient woodland, as was, the music rustles behind a screen of obscuration. That isn’t to presuppose that this is music out of its time as the quartet have a currency which flows around the ears, more akin to tripping on Druids High than Mescaline. The extended notes float mesmerically through the brain taking over the thought processing of the cerebrum, leaving the listener in a stupefaction in which to lay and allow Great Ytene to guide the journey.

The gentle pillows of sound invest a relaxing somnambulance in which the audience can settle knowing they are in for an extravagant, yet unpretentious, exploration inside the mind. The flowing guitars are matched with subsumed vocals, percussion and instrumentation to deliver as many hours of soak as the listener wishes to procure as, even on loop, each individual track has much new to find each time round.


Great Ytene – Great Ytene is available on iTunes*

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