Great Garb

Great Garb from Hedemora in Sweden is the indie rock trio of Erik Hases (Vocals /Bass), Stefan Söderqvist (Guitar / Backing vocals) and Dennis Filatov (Drums /Keyboard).

Great Garb - indie rock from Sweden

Great Garb

Clearly defined tracks evolve into the ears as Great Garb produce their cross-over sound. The chords have a spaciousness to them which allows the band to evoke thoughts of open skies as music is slowly fed to the audience. Combining both pop architectures and heavier rock themes the trio is able to deliver a sound, which, whilst crisp also has a certain roughness to the edges that gives the music credence.

The material has an easy lilt with enough presence to capture the attention rather than floating into the background with music that has a timeless feel. A release of the 16th May, 91 and plans for an EP later this year along with intentions to appear in broader reaches of Europe over the coming months should fine Great Garb develop a higher profile.

Great Garb is all a little too tidy for my everyday playlist, but certainly to add to the ‘grown-up moments’ section, where they are a welcome addition.


91 – Single – Great Garb is available on iTunes*

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