Graz – Sunrise Highway – Audio

Graz is an acoustic-rock project from the USA.

Graz - photo by Dan Woulfin

Graz – photo by Dan Woulfin

The music has a flow which minds of settling around a log fire with the heat from the flames comfortably warming the face.

The LP Acoustic Astronaut-Galaxy Traveler Acoustic EP being the most recent collection of material. A six track album which is available on bandcamp which is well worth adding to the collection to put on the – relaxing moments playlist.

I realise that newer readers will be struck how I refer to what the musician clearly states is an EP as an album – longer stayers will know it is all to do with the number of songs on a release as to whether it will be called a single, an EP or an LP.

My pick of the six tracks on the album being the closer Sunrise Highway.

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