Graveyard Love

Graveyard Love is the alt-electro vehicle for Hamish Black from Auckland in New Zealand to deliver his perspective of the angsts and travails of life.

Graveyard Love - Alt-electro from New Zealand

Graveyard Love

The material encapsulates the imagery Graveyard Love is seeking to excoriate. Blending electro-pop and industrial distortion there is a bleak isolation to the sounds, whilst simultaneously the listener is given the sense of lancing a festering wound as the extrapolation of the music whilst bleak has an under-current of hope, which for its very opaqueness shines brightly in the minds-eye.

Given my regular comments that a song should be over in three minutes, it may come as a surprise that even getting towards four minutes on the longer tracks I just wish they were longer, as like a good scratch, there is a need to have just one more go and so it is with the music which burrows away into the head.

Whilst there is some evidence of samples on some tracks it is in the main fresh and well written original music which Graveyard Love bends to creative the brooding atmospherics.

Another fine introduction through Monkey Records.


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