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The US experimental-folk quartet Grandkids released the LP This Guitars on the 16th.

Grandkids - Photo by Geon Tillinghast

Grandkids – Photo by Geon Tillinghast

Those who know their first album Timeshare from 2013, but haven’t had the opportunity to catch them in live performance, will find this follow-up has a less produced and more extemporised feel to the tracks which have also moved from their earlier sound with an experimental air hanging over the songs. Grandkids have grown more adept as musicians and as importantly have greater confidence in each other, which is perhaps best elucidated by the manner in which the compositions came together with each player adding their element to the basic idea.

This has evidently resulted in greater reliance on their abilities to put the songs together, rather than in the hands of the producer, resulting in an expansive ten track, just under forty minute, LP full of jewels.

My pick of This Guitars (available on bandcamp) is the eighth – Earring.

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