Gone North – Slowsurfing – Single Review

Gone North is a Swedish hypoxaemia-wave duo.

Gone North

Gone North

Melodies which tempt the listener in to the deepest fathoms of the sea, with no possible route of escape, fail to to pose a barrier to the audience plunging in to the alluring combinations of instrumentation and vocal, which like a Siren off the bow beguile the mind to follow in to the inky depths.

A back-catalogue in which various instruments take leading role, more typically piano, in the latest song to surface – Slowsurfing – it is synthesised guitar which finds the brain hypnotised as the sultry vocal whispers sweet intentions in the ear that finds the audience unable and undesirous to draw breath through its two hundred and nineteen seconds duration.

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Slowsurfing – Single – Gone North is available on iTunes.*

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