Golding – Feel Alone – Single Review

Golding is an alt-indie band from England with the single Feel Alone due for release on the 14th of March.



Pirouettes of reverberating guitar fuse one into the other as Golding introduce a track of many layers. Feel Alone has a sense of melancholia which is delivered through the flat extensions of the vocal that are carried away mournfully by the smartly marching procession of percussion whilst the bass rumbles like carriage wheels.

As Feel Alone evolves so the sense of desperate loss intensifies with the voice from reaching evocative flat harmonies becomes a wretched cry of loneliness as the guitars flail into sympathetic clawing whilst the bass reflects of a heart beat rising into panic ant the drums continue their ever more pronounced tidy footsteps as though mimicking the inevitability of the ensuing vacuum that results when the four minutes and thirty two seconds of the song conclude.

The only thing to do to fill the void – is to play Feel Alone through once again.


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